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Nanoleaf Essentials Light Bulb - B22


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  • The brightest and most accurate white lighting in a smart bulb. Go from cool productive lighting to warm cozy wind down.
  • Purest Colors. Fully immerse yourself in the world of colors with over 16M colors in their most vibrant tones.
  • Dynamic color-changing Scenes with customizable motions like Fade, Highlight, and Random. Transition colors slowly for an ambience that sets the perfect mood, or turn up the speed to get the party started.
  • Thread Technology provides lightning fast response times with improved connection reliability and range so you can enjoy instant control of all your Essentials products. Requires a compatible Thread Border Router. (i.e. Nanoleaf Shapes, HomePod mini)


Tunable white and colour LED lighting.
Nanoleaf Essentials
A seamless introduction to smart lighting for a more connected world. Experience the richest, most vibrant colours and a wide range of white temperatures with simple personalised control.

Warm and cool tunable white light
The brightest white lighting with extended temperature range from the coolest to warmest whites.

Virtually limitless colour options
Choose your favorite vibrant colour or create colour-changing Scenes for the perfect ambience.

Meet Thread
The first Thread-enabled smart lights with improved reliability for a fast and stable experience.

Improve Your Well-being, Sleep and Mood
Circadian Lighting adjusts your lights to match the colour temperature based on the time of day.

Customised Schedules
Wake up naturally to a simulated sunrise, or have your lights dim automatically around evening time.

The Nanoleaf App - Customise and control your lighting
Customise your lights exactly how you like with the Nanoleaf App. Turn on and off, control brightness, group lights by home and by room, create or download Scenes, or control all of the lights in a room together. Explore an infinite number of ways that smart lighting can support your smarter life.

Nanoleaf's Circadian Lighting automatically adjusts your lights to match the colour temperature based on the time of day to maximize your energy level, or relax after a long day. This feature helps to balance your natural circadian rhythm to keep your body ready for work, play or sleep.

Q. How do I control the Nanoleaf Essentials products?
A. Control via Nanoleaf App (Android & iOS) for mobile/tablet or voice assistants (Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant) or the manual controller for the Essentials light strips (included).

Q. Are the Nanoleaf Essentials dimmable?
A. Yes, with a range of 1-100% %, resolution at 0.1%.

Q. Do I need a hub for the Essentials products?
A. No, no hub needed. The Nanoleaf Essentials work out of the box via Bluetooth or Thread (with a compatible Thread Border Router like the HomePod mini or the Apple TV 4K).

Q. Can I synchronise the Essentials with the Shapes light panels?
A. Yes, in the Nanoleaf App you can group different products and make them work simultaneously.


Nanoleaf Essentials Light Bulb - B22

Nanoleaf Essentials Light Bulb - B22