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Realme 12 Pro+ 5G Dual SIM 12GB RAM 512GB, Submarine Blue


  • The realme 12 Pro+ maximizes the potential of the telephoto lens by not only taking it further than ever, with 3X optical zoom and 6X in-sensor zoom, but by producing results comparable to that of main cameras at optical focal lengths, with the same quality, consistency, and reliability.
  • By partnering with Qualcomm, to co-develop a customized heterogenous imaging algorithm for the 7 Series platform, bringing a remarkable boost in processing speed. By tapping into the power of heterogenous computing, we are exceeding the potential of the Snapdragon 7s Gen 2 chipset, allowing it to perform beyond its limits.
  • You get a half-inch sensor with the OV64B Periscope Sensor––bigger and better than the top flagships when it comes to telephoto photography. In fact, the realme 12 Pro+ has the industry’s highest light intake of all telephoto cameras released globally.
  • When it comes to night photography, the realme 12 Pro+ really shines, thanks to the large sensor. The realme 12 Pro+ was made to capture maximum detail at night, while prioritizing balanced highlights and shadows. Look at how much clearer and sharper the lettering is in the photo shot on the realme 12 Pro+, with a more balanced overall effect.