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SpyraTwo Spyra Two Water Gun Dual Pack BLUE + RED



This is the water gun you never knew you needed since the day you were born!

This is the water gun that will leave your friends wondering what just hit them.

And the fools that dare challenge you with their puny toys will soon run for cover.

Unless of course they also have a SpyraTwo, in which case you'll have the most epic water gun shoot-out the world has ever seen.

Be prepared for super fast water blasts that explode all around you. Water gun battles will never be the same. What happens if you lock a bunch of really talented engineers and designers - who also turn out to be avid water gun enthusiasts - into a workshop? SpyraTwo happens!

Sleek design meets technology that is not from this world.

So please leave your old toy water guns in the kindergarten where they belong and finally step up your game.

SpyraTwo - German water gun engineering.

Unleash the beast: 22 semi-automatic water blasts per charge with an effective range of 9 m (30 ft.). You can actually feel the recoil!

No sweat: Just dip it into a water source and it will fully recharge within 12 seconds.

Unlimited power: Just keep the trigger pulled for three seconds and release for maximum power and range (14 m / 46 ft).

Battery forever: The integrated battery lasts for 90 water recharge cycles (for a total of 2000 water blasts).

What is the difference between the SpyraOne and the SpyraTwo?
The SpyraTwo comes in a new design and features amongst other things a new and improved tactical display, highly improved battery life and a higher fire ratio.

Why is the SpyraTwo the world's strongest water gun?
The SpyraTwo ist the only water gun in the world that features our patented Single-Shot-Technology which sets it apart from average water guns. The SpyraTwo also features a fully automatical pump, a hightech tactical display and the Power Shot for extra impact.

How long does the SpyraTwo battery last?
The SpyraTwo has an integrated lithium-ion-power battery which can be charged with the included USB-C cable and lasts for 90 pumping cycles (2000 water blasts).

Is the SpyraTwo waterproof?
All components of the SpyraTwo are individually protected against water damage. The SpyraTwo itself is water permeable and therefore should not be fully submerged under water.

What is the range of the SpyraTwo?
The water blasts of the SpyraTwo have a target range of 9 m (30ft) using the usual shot and 14 m (46ft) using the power shot (45° shooting angle).