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TensCare Perfect TENS Pain Relief Machine - Clinically Approved


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  • Perfect TENS is easy to use, with 8 preset programmes giving a wide choice of settings, shown to be effective in clinical trials
  • Programmes incl. High and Low frequency, Burst, Modulation and Han modes. Also offers a Manual Programme, to tune for individual needs
  • Perfect TENS has 60 steps of strength, making it both powerful and controllable, with two channels so you can give relief to two areas
  • The illustrated instruction manual tells you how to use TENS clearly and simply
  • The slimline design and angled belt clip makes it easy and comfortable to wear
  • Chronic pain: back pain, arthritis, rheumatic pain, lumbago, hip pain, osteoarthritic pain in the knee and sciatica central pain
  • Musculoskeletal pain: fibromyalgia, falls, sprains, direct blows to muscles and auto accidents
  • Acute pain: Dental and facial pain, neck pain, postoperative pain, migraine and neuralgias

Perfect TENS
Clinically approved, drug-free pain relief
The perfect TENS unit is specifically designed to provide safe and effective pain relief in the comfort of your own home. It can help manage the pain from a wide range of conditions.

New technology
8 Preset Programmes including Burst, Constant and Modulation (frequency and strength) modes and a HAN Stimulation programme + 1 Manual Programme

Lightweight and portable
Dimensions: 120 x 60 x 20 mm.

Weight: 75 g without batteries.

Slim-line design
Two independent channels with four electrode pads to treat two areas at the same time.

Large LCD screen
Clearly shows the operation of the unit and the programme and intensity being used.