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Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner Light, Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, 220W


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Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner Light, Cheap Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Powered By Brushless Motor
For all types of surfaces - With various heads - 100,000 RPM/min - 17000Pa Airflow - 2 levels with suction power of 20 aW and 50 aW - 500 ml dust tank - Autonomy up to 45 minutes - Easy cleaning - Light design - Wall mount

Mi Vacuum Cleaner Light. The lightness that makes cleaning easier.

The new Xiaomi cordless vacuum cleaner has burst onto the scene with a powerful brushless motor (reaching 17000 Pa), a 3-layer filtering system and high autonomy.

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Powerful Brushless Motor with 17000Pa and 2 Suction Levels
If you're looking for a gadget to make dirt and dust easily disappear, the Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner Light is your vacuum cleaner. In addition to its striking cordless design, another feature that makes it stand out is its powerful brushless motor, which spins at 100,000 revolutions per minute and has 2 suction power levelvs: 20 aW and 50 aW, as well as a 17000 Pa airflow. This way, the new Mi Vacuum Cleaner Light manages to suck up all kinds of particles, even the largest ones, while performing a silent operation.

To make it work you only have to hold down the power button for a few seconds. Then you can release it and your vacuum cleaner will keep on working.

3-Stage Filtering System
On the other hand, Xiaomi warns us that many pathogens can remain inside our vacuum cleaner if we do not clean it thoroughly frequently and, later, they will be driven out and projected into the very air we breathe, contaminating it and wreaking havoc on our health. That is why the Mi Vacuum Cleaner Light integrates an advanced 3-stage filtering system that removes most harmful particles.

To begin with, the centrifugal cyclone technology manages to separate the dirt and dust from the air, and then the air passes through a cyclone filter, and then through a cotton filter and ends up with a HEPA filter. In this way, our Mi Light vacuum cleaner will give us back cleaner air, being specially indicated for people who suffer from some kind of allergy or respiratory condition.

Up to 45 Minutes of Autonomy*
Xiaomi Light cordless vacuum cleaner is powered by a 2500 mAh Li-ion battery, which provides up to 45 minutes* of usage time on a single charge. Thanks to this and to its large capacity tank, the Mi Vacuum Cleaner Light covers quite a few square meters, not to mention the time savings and comfort offered by its cordless system.

*Usage times are subject to certain parameters, such as the amount of dirt, the type of surface or the suction power level.
Lightweight. Different Brushes Included
While the best of the Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner Light is what gives it its name: lightness. The fact is that it only weighs 1.2 kg, so you can use it to clean all kinds of surfaces, such as ceilings, curtains, sofas ...

The latter is also helped by the inclusion of various nozzles and brushes, each with specific functions:
  • Motorized multi-surface brush: Ideal for vacuuming all types of floors, effectively removing pet hair and encrusted dirt.
  • Flat nozzle: Used to vacuum corners, cracks or holes that are difficult to access.
  • Flat brush with bristles: Perfect for vacuuming curtains and fabrics. Also for removing fine hair from sofas, beds, etc. Or even for smaller surfaces or with embedded dirt.
  • Easy to Store. Easy to Empty
  • Time to clean our vacuum? You probably think this is the most difficult task and have ever considered using your broom again. Don't worry, the Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner Light ensures easy tank emptying, without you having to touch anything.
Best of all, the Mi Vacuum Cleaner Light includes a wall mount, which will allow us to have it collected in a small space without taking up too much space.
Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner Light, Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, 220W

Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner Light, Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, 220W