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Crash Team Rumble [Deluxe Edition] PlayStation 5™ (PS5™) - Release Date: 20/06/2023


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Release Date: 20/06/2023

  • Multiplayer mode: Allow players to race against each other online or locally
  • Customizable vehicles: Let players customize their cars, trucks, and other vehicles with different parts, colors, and decals
  • Power-ups: Include various power-ups that players can collect during races, such as speed boosts, shields, and weapons
  • Obstacle courses: Create challenging courses with various obstacles, jumps, and hazards that players must navigate
  • Different game modes: Offer a range of game modes, such as time trials, elimination rounds, and battle modes
  • Unlockable characters: Allow players to unlock different characters as they progress through the game, each with unique abilities and personalities
  • Online leaderboards: Include online leaderboards that players can compete on to see who has the fastest times or highest scores
  • Story mode: Create a story mode that follows a narrative and allows players to progress through the game and unlock new content
  • Environmental effects: Add dynamic environmental effects such as rain, snow, or wind that affect the gameplay
  • Replay system: Allow players to save and share their best races or moments with friends

Get ready to dash, jump, slide, and bounce into an all-new way to Crash.

Crash Team Rumble™ takes Crash Bandicoot™ in a brand new direction, placing the series’ iconic heroes and villains into a 4v4 team-based competition. Players will duke it out across diverse and dangerous maps as both teams race to be the first team to collect and bank enough Wumpa fruit to claim victory! Rise as a hero, or feed your inner villain across a wild and N.Sane cast of characters, each with their own unique skills and abilities. Teamwork is integral to every match, as players must work together to battle the opposing team, defend their own Wumpa Bank, and capture key points around the map to boost their score.

There’s more to come for Crash Team Rumble™, with additional heroes, modes, maps, rewards, and more coming soon!