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Official Samsung Duo 2 9W Wireless Charging Pad White


  • Original accessory from Samsung
  • Charge two different devices wirelessly at the same time
  • Maximum power of 9W, supports Fast Charge
  • Wireless charging with a cover (max 3mm thick) is possible
  • Convenient LED light for charging status
  • Travel Adapter is included with a 1.5 meter USB to USB-C cable

With this Original Samsung Wireless Charger Duo Pad 9W you can charge 2 devices simultaneously wirelessly. With this Wireless Charger Duo Pad, the use of all kinds of cables and wires to charge your smartphone is a thing of the past. The compact design makes this Wireless Charger Duo Pad a handy wireless charger with which you can charge your smartphone, Galaxy Buds or Galaxy Watch super-fast thanks to 9W Fast Charging technology.

Charge two devices
The Charger Duo Pad has two parts. The largest left part (2/3) is suitable for charging your phone, Galaxy Buds and other accessories. The right part is specially designed for the Galaxy Watch. An internal magnet on the right side of the charger keeps the watch in the right place to charge.

Fast Charging technology
The Charger Duo Pad has a maximum power of 9W. Charging two devices on the pads simultaneously can affect the charging time. Thanks to the support of Fast Charging, your battery is recharged very quickly. If your case is no more than 3 mm thick, your phone will simply be charged through the case, so you can leave it in place.

Finally, Samsung has integrated an LED light into the Wireless Charger Duo Pad. The LED light keeps you fully informed and tells you the charging status of your device. Red means charging, flashing red means charging error, and green means fully charged. When you go to sleep, you can dim the light for an undisturbed night's sleep.