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Rivacase Anvik Briefcase Laptop Carrying Case Bag 14" Burgundy Red



- Two interior compartments for documents, accessories and a section for tablets up to 10.5"
- Two zippered pockets for a smartphone, business cards and accessories
- Double zipper pulls for quick and easy access
- Removable adjustable strap.
- Product weight: 0.59 kg
- External dimensions: 270 x 60 x 370 mm
- Material: Polyester
- Laptop pocket size 355 x 255 x 35 mm

These days it is beyond crucial to keep your daily items housed in an environment that will prevent any kind of moisture from entering and causing damage to your electronic devices. They are simply too vital and integral to our day-to-day lives to be taking any chances with whatsoever. That is why we have made sure that this Anvik collection comes with its own high-quality water-resistant tweed material, so that you can have the confidence to go about your day with the knowledge that your most precious of possessions are safely housed in your bag, and will be from the start to the end of your journey, no matter the weather conditions.

This Anvik laptop bag comes with a roomy main compartment, fitting laptops up to 13.3" in dimension. However it doesn't just stop there. Because sometimes, one pocket simply is not enough, it features a special pocket for a Tablet up to 10.5" so you can carry that extra device along with you. And, to help you keep extra organized, a pocket for documents and an internal zippered pocket for your passport or wallet is provided. Because organization and preparation is the key to success, and so this Anvik range, like all our products, we make sure that this is front and center, and defining our products.

Sometimes you might want to unload all the items out of your pockets to prevent them spoiling the lines of your suit or trousers. And, more often than not, you will always have little technological items that you need to carry along with you to help you on your day. In order to provide for these items, we have also included a front zippered pocket so that you can quickly store away any such items and keep them safe and secure behind a zip. It is these small touches and careful design elements that typify the Anvik range.

Although we have moved fully-fledged into the digital age now and paper and books are becoming more a thing of the past, there will still always be a place for newspapers, novels and nonfiction paperbacks, as well as for written notes. That is why we have made sure that we have included a hidden back pocket with this bag so that you can neatly tuck these kinds of items away and know that they will not be getting crumpled amongst your other items. And, if you are so inclined, you can use this space for a tablet or device and know too that it will be inconspicuously tucked away.

There is nothing worse than starting out on any journey and knowing that it is going to be an uncomfortable one. It can not only be an irritant having to deal with the discomfort but it can massively affect your mood and so your effectiveness at accomplishing your tasks. One way in which this can happen is with poorly designed and manufactured handles that cut into your hands and arms. That is why we have made this Anvik range with soft handles and an adjustable shoulder strap with a sturdy clipping system so that you have that extra layer of adaptability should you need it.