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Tefal Flow Slim Friends, Wine Decanter and Water Carafe with Cooling Base and Non-Drip Lid, Red, 1 Litre


  • Integrated cooling element keeps drinks cold for up to 4 hours
  • Easy to use with a serving spout for drip-free pouring
  • Lid closes automatically after pouring, protecting beverages from insects and leaves
  • Fits inside all standard refrigerator doors for easy storage
  • 1 Litre capacity, made of a high quality glass and plastic combination

A colourful carafe to keep your drinks cooler for longer at home!
A perfect solution to serving cool drinks on a warm summer’s day, whether it be a refreshing iced tea, orange juice for the family, or even a special bottle of wine. Tefal’s Flow Slim Friends features an integrated cooling element which can keep your drinks cold for up to 4 hours. Simply keep the cooling element in your freezer, then remove it and place it in its holder underneath the carafe to keep your beverages cool.

The unique lid opens and closes automatically, so there’s no need to worry about getting any annoying insects or leaves in your drinks. Whilst the lid is also designed for efficient drip-free pouring to avoid any unnecessary spillages.

It’s got a 1L capacity – perfect for serving the whole party! Plus it’s dishwasher safe and has a two year guarantee.

Easy Storage
Flow Slim Friends is conveniently designed to perfectly sit inside all standard refrigerator doors. Making it easy to store your drinks and keep them cool.

- Space Savings: Fits neatly inside standard fridge doors
- Drip-free

Avoid Drips
You will never spill a drop with Flow Slim Friends’ non-drip lid – ensuring your tablecloths stay nice and white!

The lid closes automatically also, to protect your beverages from insects and leaves if you’re out in the garden.

Chilled beverages
Keep the cooling element in the freezer and simply place it underneath the carafe to keep beverages cool for up to 4 hours.

Strong Design
The carafe is made out of a combination of high-quality glass and BPA-free plastic.

Dishwasher Safe
Completely dishwasher safe.

1L Capacity
A capacity of one litre makes it perfect for serving the whole family.

Built to last
Comes with a two year guarantee