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Xiaomi Mi LCD Writing Graphics Tablet 13.5 Inch


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Graphics Tablet - Xiaomi MI LCD 13.5 Inch

The Xiaomi MI LCD drawing tablet in white allows you to take notes, draw and record all your ideas with the included stylus. The light weight and slim design allows you to take the tablet anywhere you want. The 13.5" LCD display provides ample space for your creations. The high pressure sensitivity technology on the display allows you to change the font thickness intuitively - the harder you press the stylus, the thicker the line gets. In addition to the stylus, you can draw with any other object, even your fingers. To ensure full creative freedom, the tablet does not emit light, and designing on it is very similar to drawing on paper. The included stylus can be easily attached magnetically to the side of the device. It is powered by a replaceable battery.

Individual LCD material
The Xiaomi Mijia LCD uses a film with blue-green particles, so the tablet emits a true texting experience, just like regular paper.

Sensitivity measurement technology
Thanks to highly sensitive pressure measurement and special raster technology, the thickness of the handwritten text depends on the pressure of the special stylus included. The higher the pressure, the thicker the text or elements are drawn.

No radiation
The tablet does not emit light, so you will not feel fatigue even after many hours of use. So it is great not only for adults, but also for children from an early age.

Long battery life
Inside the tablet is a battery, ensuring long-term trouble-free operation of the device. The tablet can be used for up to a year without having to replace the battery.


Delete button
Don't need the text or picture already written? Just press the button on your shoe and the screen will automatically clear.


Technical data:
Set -  1xTablet
1xInstruction manual
Workmanship material -  ABS
Dimensions -  318x225x7 mm
Power supply -  CR2025 battery