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Smart Lamp Xiaomi Mi Bedside Smart Lamp 2 LED, 9W, WiFi



My Bedside Lamp 2
Fill the room with dim light
Greater light diffusion | Bright and dim light | night light | intelligent voice control

Bright design, practical and with integral luminosity
Unlike traditional designs, this second-generation lamp uses advanced investment molding and heat dissipation design to allow the entire lamp body to cast light.*
Fill the entire room with soft light to create a nice, warm atmosphere, or simply light it up for everyday use.

An enhanced lighting experience
With a brightness of up to 400 lumens, the lamp can easily illuminate a standard bedroom. With the lowest brightness of only 2 lumens, it can also be a useful night light to accompany you to sleep.

Its time to get up and start a new day
Like waking up at dawn, Mi Bedside Lamp 2 accompanies your body in its natural heart rate.

Night light to accompany your rest
The brightness of only 2 lumens is enough to rest without disturbing your sleep.

Light balance technology to create the perfect atmosphere every night.
Find the right shade with a high-quality bulb coupled with double-layer light-balancing technology.
The multi-color light fades evenly to create the perfect nighttime ambience.

Create a comfortable environment
Enjoy the soft light of Mi Bedside Lamp 2 while you read a book and use its touch controls for a simple and comfortable experience.
A pure, luminous, enhanced and simplified lighting experience.

Voice control allows you to turn the light on and off just by speaking.
Mi Bedside Lamp 2 supports voice control, its time to enter the era of smart lighting. You no longer have to get out of bed to turn off the lights. Turn on or off and adjust brightness or color through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Many modes to control your lamp
It is compatible with Apple HomeKit, the Mi Home app and other smart devices.
It can be controlled with the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa and fully integrated into a personalized smart home experience.
The possibilities are limited only to your imagination.

Intuitive touch controls
Swipe to adjust settings
With the lamp off, tap anywhere on the slider to
turn it on and makes it easy to turn on in the dark.
Forget looking for the switch in the dark

A work of art elaborates down to the smallest detail
The specialized optical structure and color mixing method creates a warm, soft light that allows the lamp to easily blend into your home.