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Care Bears 35cm Medium Plush - Good Vibes Bear



• Soft, Snuggable 35cm Plushie: Made from recycled materials and super soft, 35cm Good Vibes Bear’s plush fur is so snuggable you'll never want to put your bestie down! Get ready for unlimited bear hugs!
• Stylish Design: Featuring a vibrant pattern in her fur resembling a lava lamp and a pink heart over her eye, the Good Vibes Bear plush is truly unique. She’s the first of her kind!
• Unique Belly Badge: Good Vibes Bear wears a groovy belly badge featuring a smiling bear with a rainbow stripe resembling a peace sign. She possesses a special power, the ability to read the energy of any bear in any situation. Caring is her superpower!
• Fun Personality: Each Care Bear bestie is designed with their own unique personality. The Good Vibes Bear plush has a cheery smile reminding us everything will be all right!
• Great Gift Idea: Sharing is caring! Good Vibes Bear and all of the Care Bear besties are perfect for any gift giving occasion! Collect them all!

The Care Bears are a group of lovable, huggable BFFs who are all about spreading good caring vibes across the world. As part of their mission of sharing and caring, they want to ensure that we are keeping our earth clean for generations to come by embracing a message of "cleaner and greener is the way to grow!" To champion their message of environmental responsibility, 35cm Good Vibes Bear plushie is here to show us how to "go green!" Made from recycled materials, the Good Vibes Bear plush has been designed with the earth in mind while still maintaining the soft snuggable plush feel that the Care Bears brand is known for. In addition to her going "green,” Good Vibes bear has a groovy and stylish look making her one special bear!