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HidrateSpark Stainless Steel Smart Bottle, 620 ml, Bluetooth Tracker, Stainless


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  • Smart insulated stainless steel 620 ml bottle with a chug lid
  • Bluetooth tracker monitors fluid intake
  • Wide compatibility across devices and applications
  • Improved accompanying application
  • Works with ice as well
  • Protective leak proof lid with a lock, and loop
  • 6 LED light effects
  • BPA free

Forget thirst
The world's smartest bottle, HidrateSpark, will take care of your drinking regime and reminds you when it’s time to drink. Thanks to the smart Bluetooth tracker and a Hidrate application, you will feel much better and get an overview of your water intake.

Experience life fully hydrated
The detachable LED smart sensor lights up to remind you when it is time to drink. At the same time, it monitors your optimized water intake and its cooperation with HidrateSpark application will help you comfortably achieve much better lifestyle.

Original design with 6 light effects
The Bluetooth tracker brightens up the lower part of the bottle with unique glow colors, which you can adjust to your mood. The chug lid is easily accessible and safely insulated thanks to the cover with a lock. The application paired with a smartphone or smart watch, in addition to tracking fluids and other features, also makes sure that you never forget your bottle anywhere.

Refreshing taste of pure water
HidrateSpark also takes care of the quality of the water you drink. The vacuum insulation layer keeps the 620 ml beverage cool for up to 24 hours. Stainless steel and materials without harmful BPA guarantee the health of the drink in the bottle, so you can always enjoy an excellent sip of water.

HidrateSpark – nerezová chytrá lahev, 620 ml, Bluetooth tracker

The smart bottle HidrateSpark will make sure you are properly hydrated

Tailor-made drinking regime is important for a proper lifestyle, though it is not the easiest to follow through with. That is exactly why the HidrateSpark bottle was created, so it can take care of hydrating your body according to your personal parameters.

The free application (iOS / Android) syncs with the Bluetooth tracker and tracks how much fluid you drink. When it is time to drink, the app sends a bright alert to your bottle and a notification to your smartphone or watch, helping you stay fresh and hydrated throughout the day.

Blink, drink, sync

How does it all work? The smart bottle will remind you when it is time to drink with a blink. You can easily set the frequency, form and colour of bright reminders in the application. HidrateSpark monitors your body's hydration level based on your body parameters and your goals. You can also choose additional notifications or monitor and motivate your friends. The smart bottle synchronizes with the application wirelessly and automatically.

The original design hides the latest technology

The detachable Bluetooth tracker is equipped with LED, a sensor and a number of smart features that will make your daily drinking regime more pleasant and automated. The vacuum construction of the stainless steel bottle keeps any drink cool for 24 hours and the tracker is also ready in case you use ice. High-quality non-hazardous materials (BPA-free) ensure a great taste of clean water. The impermeable lid prevents the beverage from leaking and protects it from microscopic contamination.

Proper hydration will help you get in great shape

As many as 75% of people suffer from chronic dehydration, which significantly contributes to high blood pressure, heart disease and poor kidney function. What is more, it also affects daily life by reducing cognitive function and productivity, leading to poor sleep and decreased energy.

How can a balanced drinking regime help you?

  • Can significantly improve your physical health
  • Helps keep skin bright and supple skin
  • Has a positive effect on cognitive functions and good mood
  • Increases physical performance
  • Improves metabolism and helps avoid excessive calorie intake
  • Helps improve blood circulation, thus reducing the feeling of fatigue and exhaustion
  • Helps avoid headaches
  • Improves immunity and helps your body fight infections
  • Hydration is also important during pregnancy and breastfeeding


The improved application thinks of everything

Many features in the application allow you to monitor your drinking regime as you need. You will forget about thirst, but you will never forget your bottle with the last sync feature. The app evaluates how much water you should drink per day based on your age, height, weight, gender, altitude and other parameters. The application will recommend the ideal fluid intake, whether you are traveling, swimming or engaging in outdoor activities

Free HidrateSpark application for smartphones and tablets with iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch 11.3+) and Android (5.0+). The application sends notifications, alerts and recommendations based on your personal settings. The app allows you to use records of your activity from Apple Health, Fitbit, Under Armor Record, or Withings HealthMate. You can view the history of the drinking regime in the application. You can share your data with family and friends.

Feature overview


  • Smart insulated stainless steel water bottle
  • Reminders to follow the drinking regime in the form of optional LED light effects
  • Bluetooth tracker with a sensor monitors water intake
  • HidrateSpark application in English is available for iOS and Android
  • Rechargeable battery (cable included in the package) for fast charging
  • Vacuum layer keeps drinks cool for up to 24 hours
  • The lid with the sealing cover does not let the drops out and the dirt in
  • Easy-to-operate protection lock
  • Clinically proven high accuracy of measured data
  • Replaces non-ecological plastic bottles


Technical specifications


  • Volume: 620 ml
  • Materials: BPA free, non-hazardous plastics, stainless steel
  • Lid: chug lid
  • Dimensions: 7 x 27 cm
  • Weight: 470 g
  • Wireless Bluetooth sensor and application synchronisation
  • Carry loop makes it easy to carry on-the-go
  • Automatic synchronization
  • DO NOT use this product with hot liquids