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Intempo 2 Pack of LED Strips- 2X 50 cm, Includes Remote Control and Battery


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Illuminate your living space with the Intempo Set of 2 Light Strips. With an easy peel sticker application, the two strips can help you simply light up any room in your home. The included remote control ensure you can quickly and easily customize the look and feel of your home from whenever you want a change. And with the RGB colour range it's easy to accentuate the frames of your TVs or illuminate your desks and walls or even help to create a perfect set up for gaming with your friends.

  • Light up any room in your home with ease with the Set of 2 Light Strips from Intempo, both measuring at 0.5 meters a piece.
  • With white and RGB strip colour included in the LEDs, you can illuminate your space in different wats depending on your mood.
  • Easy peel sticker application makes for simple installation of the lights whether you are framing a TV or illuminating your desk.
  • A remote control is also included with the strips so you can customise your lighting with ease from anywhere in your home.
  • Whether you want cool and calming lights or bold colours, these lights are perfect for decorating and creating your perfect ambience.