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Intempo Podcast Desktop Microphone - Pop Filter for Vlogging and Gaming, Captures Rich Full Bodied Sound, Includes Adjustable Shock Mount, Tripod Stand, Foldable Angle and 3.5 mm Jack


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  • Top quality recordings are no problem with the Intempo Desktop Microphone which captures rich sound with a full-bodied sound.
  • Thanks to its adjustable shock mount, capturing audio without interference is easy as the microphone stays in place when recording.
  • The microphone also includes a tripod stand, 3.5mm jack and an adjustable angle, making it easy to adapt to any desktop setup.
  • The pop filter is double layered which allows you to record perfect audio whilst reducing echoes and unwanted background noise.
  • Suitable for recording vlogging, streaming, and gaming, the versatile microphone can record precise audio with high quality sound.

The Intempo Desktop Microphone is essential equipment you need for vlogging, streaming, and gaming. This high-quality microphone records rich sound, with a full-bodied sound profile at any distance. The adjustable shock mount ensures the microphone will stay in place, while the inclusion of a tripod stand and 3.5mm jack make it easy to adapt to any desktop setup. This versatile microphone also comes with a pop filter, reducing echoes and unwanted background noise for truly professional audio.

1x Intempo Desktop Microphone