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Kinetic Sand Soft Serve Station



• MAKE ICE-CREAM SWIRLS: Kids can scoop, swirl and decorate their own soft serve-inspired creations with 3 colours of Kinetic Sand, 2 ice-cream cones, a scoop with sweet treat moulds and a tool for toppings
• ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES: This Kinetic Sand kit mimics a real soft-serve experience. Scoop classic cones or make coloured swirls — flow sand into the station, push down to swirl and remove the cone to decorate
• 396G COLOURED SAND, CONES & TOOLS: Unbox blue, pink and white sand. Top cones with moulded details from the scoop and add sprinkles with the grater. Make your ice-cream creations and squish to create again
• ONE & ONLY KINETIC SAND: The original magical moving play sand that kids love. So satisfying to touch — it magically sticks together for easy clean-up. Never dries out so kids can play again and again
• ARTS & CRAFTS GIFTS FOR KIDS: Kinetic Sand toys are exciting building toys for creative kids as an alternative to kids’ crafts, slime kits, modelling clay and fidget toys. Add to your craft kits and learning games
• Includes: 396g Kinetic Sand, 1 Ice-Cream Scoop with Moulds, 2 Ice-Cream Cones, 1 Soft-Serve Machine, 1 Sprinkle Grater, 1 Instruction Sheet

Swirl and create with the Kinetic Sand Soft Serve Station. For the first time, kids can swirl Kinetic Sand to mimic a soft-serve ice-cream experience like they’ve seen in the real world. With 396g of blue, pink and white Kinetic Sand, two ice-cream cones, and tools like a sprinkle grater and a scoop with sweet treat moulds, your child can serve up endless ice-cream possibilities. Scoop classic cones or create the ultimate swirl. Flow sand into the station, push down to swirl Kinetic Sand into the cone and remove to decorate. Add some sprinkles and extra toppings, then squish and create all over again. The One and Only Kinetic Sand is made from natural sand that sticks to itself for easy clean-up. It never dries out. Let it flow through your hands — it’s so satisfying, you won’t be able to put it down. Kinetic Sand is an exciting alternative to arts and crafts modelling clay and is a welcome addition to the craft table, sensory bin, kids’ activities time and Montessori toys. Kinetic Sand promotes fine motor skills and creativity through independent tactile play. Bring the ice-cream fun home with the Kinetic Sand Soft Serve Station.