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Nanoleaf Shapes Triangles Expansion Pack - 3 Additional Light Panels



  • Extend your Shapes setup with this Expansion pack of 3 additional light panels.
  • NOT compatible with the Nanoleaf Rhythm Light Panels (1st generation of Triangles)
  • Each Expansion Pack includes 3 Triangles with linkers and tape
  • This pack requires the Controller and PSU sold with any Shapes Smarter Kit.


Truly Customizable Smart Lighting
Nanoleaf Shapes Triangles
The Nanoleaf Shapes Triangles are modular LED light panels with a combination of smart technology and sleek ultra-thin design. It's perfect for designing a statement wall, setting up your personal productivity zone, or creating the right ambience for any occasion. Transform your space with multi-sensory experiences like touch interactions, real-time music sync, screen mirror, and more.

Connect + Technology
Thanks to the Connect+ technology different shapes can be combined, offering limitless design.

Flexible control
Flexible control through touch, voice assistants, Nanoleaf App, manual controller, and more.

Reacts to music
Rhythm feature transforms your favorite songs into dancing symphonies of color and light.

Screen Mirror feature
With the Screen Mirror feature, your on-screen activity is reflected onto your lights.

Easy installation
Simple drill-free installation with the included Mounting Tape.

Create your own completely unique layouts with modular panels. Big, small, or huge; linear, geometric, or totally abstract—the choice is yours! Use Hexagons, Triangles, or Mini Triangles on their own, or mix and match the different shapes with Connect+ technology for endless design combinations.

Are the panels touch enabled?
Yes! Enjoy touch-enabled experiences. Watch light panels respond dynamically to your touch or play interactive games.

What is the compatibility of these products?
Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, Nanoleaf Remote, SmartThings

Do different Shapes products work with each other?
Yes, you can combine the Shapes Hexagons, Triangles and Mini Triangles.

What is the maximum amount of panels per included 42W PSU?
The maximum amount of panels per inlcuded PSU is 22 for the Hexagons, 28 for the Triangles and 77for the Mini Triangles. If you have a doubt, check out the PSU Calculator on our website.

What is the length of the power cable?
The power cable is 2,5m long.