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Philips Water Filter Jug, Reduces Limescale, Chlorine, Lead, Microplastics, Pitcher Includes 1 Cartridge


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Product description

Philips Aqua Solutions Drinking Water Filters

Clean drinking water made easy

  • Healthy and tasty drinking water: The microfiltration system removes harmful pollutants including microplastics, heavy metals such as lead, and chlorine whilst retaining health-promoting minerals
  • Reduces water hardness: Removing limescale from your tap water improves the taste of hot and cold drinks such as tea and coffee and prolongs the life of appliances, like kettles, irons and coffee makers
  • Convenient design: With a dustproof cover, ergonomic handle and digital timer for filter changing, this pitcher is BPA-free, dishwasher safe (except for the lid) and fits right in the fridge door
  • Quick and easy refills: The fast water flow rate of 0.25 L/min means the jug fills quickly. Total jug volume: 3.0 L. With its high filter capacity (200 L) every single cartridge lasts up to 60 days
  • Good for you, good for the planet: Switching from bottled water to pure filtered tap water reduces your carbon footprint and use of single-use plastics, saving you money and helping the environment

4-Stage Microfiltration: The water is passed through a layer of non-woven fabric and granular activated carbon before being filtered through ion-exchange resin and a final layer of non-woven fabric turning your tap water clean and healthy. This removes microplastics as well as chlorine, lead, and other harmful pollutants (heavy metals, drug residues, pesticides) whilst retaining healthy minerals.
Water Softening: The filter reduces the hardness of drinking water, improving the scent and taste of the water and beverages prepared from it like coffee and tea as well as protecting your household appliances from limescale.
Environmentally Friendly: Drinking filtered tap water avoids the plastic waste and energy costs of bottled water.

Convenient features
Digital Timer for Timely Filter Replacement: Never again worry about when to replace your water filter cartridge; the built-in timer in the jug’s lid counts the days and will let you know when to replace the cartridge.
One Piece Filter Cartridge for Easy Assembly: The one-piece design makes replacing it straightforward without the risk of secondary contamination.
Ergonomic Handle: The ergonomic design of the handle makes it easy and comfortable to lift the jug even when full.
Dust Proof Cover: The cover keeps your filtered water fresh and clean.
High Flow Rate and Capacity: Thanks to the high flow rate (0.25 L/min) and filter water capacity of the jug (1.5 L) there is always enough filtered water when you want it as well as the option for quick refills.

Technical Details
Flow rate: 0.25 L/min
Filter capacity per cartridge: 200 L (this corresponds to about 2 months)
Filter Water Volume: 1.5 L
Suitable replacement filters: AWP200/AWP201
Main filter material: granular activated carbon/GAC, ion-exchange resin
Removal of soluble lead: Yes, up to 99%.
Chlorine reduction: Yes, up to 99%
Microplastic Removal: Yes
Water softening: Yes