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PowerCube Rewirable Multifunction Travel Plug (Gray, Purple)



The PowerCube Rewirable Multifunction Travel Plug is a universal, multifunctional travel plug. With five individual sockets that cannot possibly overlap and an exclusive cube shape, it is the first of its kind. More than a travel plug, it is a worthwhile investment. Through the reuse of former products and use of old IEC cables, this is a rare environmentally-friendly travel plug.

Created from sustainable materials, it is made to last a lifetime.

A different standard

This is a different standard of travel plug. Regular travel plugs have numerous faults that this product has finally eradicated.

Many regular travel plugs are unpredictable and often uncertified. But the PowerCube Travel Plug is entirely secure. It is equipped with both child safety locks and fuse protection. Most travel plugs are also inefficient, often having only one power point. But with the PowerCube Travel Plug, you can use multiple devices at once. Any old regular travel plug is often a wasted investment. They are used once or twice before being lost in a drawer and forgotten. But not with the PowerCube Travel Plug.

You can use it every day of the year, home or away. 

Use around the world – including at home!

The PowerCube Travel Plug uses a modular system; it can connect to other PowerCube products. Along with product, you get a one-metre-long IEC cable with a European standard plug, which connects into the back of a PowerCube. Therefore, you can use the product as an extension lead while at home. No other product offers such a smooth transition from travel plug to home essential. With its sleek style and smooth functionality, this PowerCube product is truly unique.

Travel in style

Specifically designed for travel purposes, this product is compact yet multifunctional, durable yet efficient. When travelling, the last thing you want to worry about is your adapter. And, thanks to the PowerCube Rewirable Multifunction Travel Plug, you no longer have to.

The Travel Plugs set included in the packaging can be used in the following countries:

Type B:
America, Japan, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan and Thailand

Type E and F:
Europe, Egypt, Indonesia, Morocco, South Korea, Turkey and Uruguay. Includes 1mm² IEC cable

Type G:
United Kingdom, Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates

Type I:
Argentina, Australia, China and New Zealand