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Princess Table Chef, Table Grill XL, Teppanyaki Grill, 1600 W, Bamboo Stand, Adjustable Thermostat


  • Modern and elegant table grill with bamboo housing and cast iron bake plate
  • Suitable for two to four people with a baking plate size of 25 x 33cm
  • Max temp of 270 degrees Celsius with easy temperature control and cool touch handles
  • Integrated grease drain system and power cord length of 2m
  • 4 Bamboo spatulas included

Table Chef Pure Compact
Princess Teppanyaki Grill
Style your dinner table with the trendy Princess 103010 Table Chef Pure Compact. This luxurious grill plate fits seamlessly in a modern interior thanks to its high-quality bamboo housing. With Princess Table Chef, you will be able to cook together with your guests, right on your table.

Enjoy Your Food With Your Guests
A teppanyaki grill plate is the perfect way to cook meat, fish, vegetables and even breakfast foods like bacon and eggs. Thanks to the innovative ceramic coating, the teppanyaki heats up very rapidly and stays warm for a long time.

The square baking surface of 33 x 25 cm is a perfect size for preparing food for 2 people. You can use the Princess Table Chef instead of a frying pan or gather around the table with your partner and enjoy a delicious evening.

Healthy and Easy to Clean
You do not need any butter or oil to grill your food. Because all the fats and juices are drained and the non-stick coating prevents food residue, the Princess Table Chef Pure Compact is easy to clean. Empty the drip tray and put it in the dishwasher together with the teppanyaki plate. If you want to protect your plate even more you can just wipe it off with a moist towel.

You also receive 4 wooden spatulas with which you can turn the food over, so you won’t damage the non-stick coating.

2 Meter Removable Power Cord
The Princess Table Chef Pure Compact has a removable power cord of 2 meter with an integrated thermostat. This way, you can select the optimal temperature for grilling or frying. The 1600 watt power ensures the teppanyaki grill plate heats up quickly and will get you that perfect sear on your meat, fish and vegetables.