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Samsung Galaxy S24, AI Android Smartphone, 8GB RAM, 128GB Storage, 50MP Camera, Long Battery Life, Onyx Black


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Galaxy AI is here

  • All from your smartphone, all with AI: Effortlessly edit your photos, Get quick language translation on a call, Convert your voice recording into text then summarise it ¹ ² ³ ⁴
  • Two epic options: More to love about Galaxy S24: FHD+ screen resolution for a crisp and clear image, New space-grade Armour Aluminium keeps you protected, IP68 dust and water resistance, Want more? Galaxy S24+ with even larger screen with QHD+⁵ ⁶ ⁷
  • A true power house: A camera with 50MP to get closer with every pinch, Go from 1x to 2x or even 3x, Capture enhanced shots with vivid detail at more zoom distances than before thanks to the new AI zoom solution ⁸ ⁹ ¹⁰
  • Smarter all-day battery: Power on and on, The Galaxy S24 has an intelligent battery that gives you more watch time and more you time ⁸ ¹¹ ¹² ¹³
  • Our brightest adaptive mobile display: Increased device size, Ultra-slim bezels, Galaxy S24's 6.2" FHD+ display offers more screen real estate, Plus enjoy optimal colour and contrast with Vision Booster ¹⁴ ¹⁵

Live Translate. The easiest way to communicate
Get quick language translation on your next phone call.² That's right, Galaxy AI helps you communicate outside your own language while you talk on the phone. And get this, it even works on messaging.¹⁶

Circle to Search with Google. Circle it, find it
A new way to search is here with Circle to Search.¹⁷ Stumbled upon something that you just have to know what it is? Circle it on your phone display and ta-da, you'll get Google Search results. Now you can quickly get an answer without leaving the moment behind.

Transcript Assist. AI can summarise your voice recordings
Ready for your own personal assistant? Record your voice and Galaxy AI will jot it down — convert it into text, then intelligently summarise it.³ It even does language translations.

Photo Assist. Resize it, Retouch it
Unlock the magic of AI-powered photo editing.⁴ With Samsung AI phone you can now effortlessly perfect your photos, ensuring every image shines. But that's not all, even if you couldn't capture the shot you wanted, Generative Edit can fill in backgrounds and make unwanted objects disappear.

Shoot far. Even in the dark
Capture bright, colourful, clear photos, even in the dark with AI ISP. Finally, the portraits you've been dreaming of. Zoom in 2x, or even 3x — with this camera it doesn't really matter. Each distance can be as clear as day even though it's technically night.¹⁸

Stronger Vapor Chamber. ⁸ ¹⁹ Game on
This Samsung Galaxy’s new and improved heat dissipation system helps you keep gaming at optimal performance. Our latest Vapor Chamber is bigger than before, with an integrated liquid-type thermal interface material.⁸ ¹⁹

¹ Circle to Search results may vary depending on visual matches. Requires internet connection. Users may need to update Android to the latest version. Product functionality may be dependent on your app and device settings. Some functions may not be compatible with certain apps. Availability of the service varies by country and language. Accuracy of results is not guaranteed ² Live Translate requires a network connection and Samsung Account login. Live Translate is only available on the pre-installed Samsung Phone app. Certain languages may require language pack download. Service availability may vary by language. Accuracy of results is not guaranteed ³ Transcript Assist requires a network connection and Samsung Account login. Transcript Assist is only available on the pre-installed Samsung Voice Recorder app or files recorded using the pre-installed Samsung Phone app. Voice recording feature in the pre-installed Samsung Phone app may not be supported in some countries. Audio files must be under 3 hours in duration to be processed. Summarising feature in Transcript Assist can be activated when a certain number of characters is met. Service availability may vary by language. Accuracy of results is not guaranteed ⁴ Generative Edit requires a network connection and Samsung Account login. Editing with Generative Edit results in a resized photo up to 12MP. A visible watermark is overlaid on the image output upon saving in order to indicate that the image is generated by AI. The accuracy and reliability of the generated output is not guaranteed ⁵ Galaxy S24+ compared to S24. ⁶ Frame does not include volume and side keys or SIM tray ⁷ Galaxy S24 and S24+ are rated as IP68. Based on lab test conditions for submersion in up to 1.5 meters of freshwater for up to 30 minutes. Not advised for beach or pool use. Water and dust resistance of device is not permanent and may diminish over time because of normal wear and tear ⁸ Compared to Galaxy S23 and S23+ ⁹ 30X Space Zoom includes 3x optical zoom and 30x digital zoom with Super Resolution technology. Zoom distances past 3x zoom may express some image deterioration ¹⁰ AI Zoom is applied to distances between digital zoom lengths. Accuracy of results not guaranteed ¹¹ Actual battery life varies by network environment, features and apps used, frequency of calls and messages, the number of times charged, and many other factors. Estimated against the average usage profile compiled by UX Connect Research. Independently assessed by UX Connect research between 2023.11.25-2023.12.15 in US and UK with pre-release versions of SM-S921, SM-S926 under default setting using LTE and 5G Sub6 networks. NOT tested under 5G mm Wave network ¹² Typical value tested under third-party laboratory condition. Typical value is the estimated average value considering the deviation in battery capacity among the battery samples tested under IEC 61960 standard. Rated capacity is 3880mAh for Galaxy S24, 4755mAh for Galaxy S24+. Actual battery life may vary depending on network environment, usage patterns and other factors ¹³ Based on Samsung internal lab test conditions with pre-release version of given model connected to earphone via Bluetooth under default settings over LTE. Estimated against battery capacity and measured current over battery power consumption during video playback (video file resolution 720p, saved on device) and audio playback (mp3 file, 192kbps, saved on device with LCD display turned off), respectively. Actual video and audio playback times vary by network connection, settings, file format, screen brightness, battery condition and many other factors ¹⁴ Measured diagonally, Galaxy S24's screen size is 6.2 inches in the full rectangle and 6 inches accounting for the rounded corners; actual viewable area is less due to the rounded corners and camera hole ¹⁵ Dynamic AMOLED 2X display on Galaxy S24 and S24+ received a certification from VDE Germany for 100 percent Mobile Colour Volume in the DCI-P3 colour range which means your images aren’t washed out and you’ll get unbelievably vivid colours regardless of differing levels of brightness. Display can achieve peak brightness of up to 2600 nits ¹⁶ Translating feature in Chat Assist may require Samsung Account login. Some chat applications may not support this feature. Certain languages may require language pack download. Service availability may vary by language. This feature is activated when a translatable language is detected. Accuracy of results is not guaranteed. To view full list of disclaimers see PDF below.

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