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Samsung Single Device Wireless Charging Pad White for Wireless Charging Device, including Galaxy Phones, Buds, iPhones, Airpods


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Original Samsung Wireless Charger Pad EP-P1300 - 9W
  • Original Samsung wireless charger pad offers fast and reliable charging
  • Wireless charger pad supports fast inductive charging up to 9W
  • LED light informs you about charging status and dimming at night, so the light doesn't disturb your sleep
  • Compatible with Power Delivery (PD) charging adapters and Adaptive Fast Charging (AFC) travel adapters
  • Supports charging for Qi-enabled smartphones, Galaxy Buds series, AirPods 2, and AirPods Pro earbuds
  • Compatible Apple devices with wireless charging feature support up to 7.5W fast charging
  • Compatible with other Qi-enabled devices with a charging speed of up to 5W
  • Square-shaped and slim pad with non-slip surface fit everywhere you want to be within reach
  • Wireless charging is possible even if your device is covered up within the thickness up to 2mm
  • Wall charger and cable are not included in a package

Recharging your favorite device has never been so simple with the official Samsung wireless charger pad. Just lay it down, and it will quickly return to 100% of the battery with up to 9W of fast charging. You don't even have to remove the cover; it will power up your device with the cover on with a thickness of up to 2mm. The LED indicator will show the device's charging status, and at night it will dim, so the light doesn't disturb your sleep. The slim and compact design of this wireless charger pad will keep your workplace always tidy, and it will fit anywhere you want it to be within reach.