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Zoobles, Z-Girlz Bam Bop Transforming Collectible Figure and Happitat Accessory, Kids Toys for Girls Ages 5 and up


  • ROLL N’ POP TRANSFORMATION: Drop or roll the ball over the Happitat’s metal hot spot and your character pops open into a Zoobles Animal! Pet its head to magically transform again into stylish Z-Girl!
  • MATCHING HAPPITAT: The Happitat matches your character’s style and is inspired by things she loves, like sleepovers, hair styling, hip hop dance and more! Bring your Z-Girl to life on the metal hot spot!
  • 12 TO COLLECT: Each Zoobles Z-Girl has bold colours and a unique look and style. Find Z-Girlz like a translucent narwhal, glittery bunny, neon panda and more! Collect them all (each sold separately)!
  • FIND YOUR ZOOBLES BFF: Sweet and sassy Z-Girlz and Zoobles Animals toys for kids complete each other! Look for your Z-Girl’s BFF (each sold separately) and connect their Happitats for more ways to play!

Meet the Zoobles Z-Girlz, the sweet and sassy BFFs of Zoobles Animals! The Zoobles Z-Girlz and Happitat 1-Pack includes one trendy Zoobles Z-Girlz character, a matching Happitat and a checklist to keep track of your collection. The Zoobles Z-Girlz all feature an exciting 2-step transformation. They start out as a colorful ball and open up into a super cute animal when you roll them onto their Happitat! Simply drop or roll the ball over the metal hot spot on the Happitat and your Z-Girl will magically spring to life, revealing a Zoobles Animal! Then, pet and press your figure’s head to transform again into fashionable Zoobles Z-Girl! It’s so much fun! Push down to reset your character back into ball form, then roll, pop and transform again and again! The Zoobles Z-Girlz small dolls each feature bold patterns and bright colors and details, and each one has its own unique look and style. Discover characters like translucent Crystal Narwhal, Krystelle; glittery Kawaii Bunny, Luvlee; neon Hip Hop Panda, Bam Bop and more! The Zoobles Z-Girlz Happitat is perfect for pretend play storytelling. It matches your girl’s style and is inspired by her favorite activity, like sleepovers, hair styling, hip hop dance and more! For even more ways to play, no Zoobles Z-Girl is complete without its matching Zoobles Animal BFF! Look for your character’s bestie (each sold separately) and connect their Happitats to create one large play space! Collect all 12 Zoobles Z-Girlz and 12 Zoobles Animals (each sold separately) to expand your wondrous Zoobles world! Zoobles toy figures are the perfect gifts for 5 year old girls and up. Make the Zoobles Z-Girlz pop with the Zoobles Z-Girlz and Happitat 1-Pack!