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Princess Hand Blender XL, Electric Whisk, Electric Mixer, Push Speed Control, 800ml Measuring Cup


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  • Powerful 800W hand blender, electric which and electric mixer
  • Prepare your favourite dips, sauces, smoothies and soups quickly and easily
  • Smart push speed control, control the speed of the blades with just one hand
  • Easy grip rubber handle and soft touch buttons
  • Stainless steel finish and extra-long mixing rod
  • 800ml measuring cup included

Practical and efficient
The Princess Hand Blender XL lives up to its name, with a powerful 800 Watt motor and six blades for quick and easy blending and pureeing. Can also blend ice cubes for perfect crushed ice for your drinks. 800ml measuring cup, whisk and storage station included with which you can prepare your favourite dips, sauces and soups quickly and easily.

Prepare all your favourite dips, sauces, smoothing and soups

Prepare sides such as a fresh pesto, humous or fresh whipped cream for your friends, or make healthy and wholesome soups and smoothies for your family.

User friendly
The Princess 221215 Hand Blender XL is designed with smart push speed control which means the harder you press the button, the faster the blades will turn and the more speed you will generate. When you release pressure, the hand blender will stop immediately. You can easily read the speed of the blades when in use with the blue indication lights on the handle.

With a stainless steel finish and rubber handle the hand blender sits comfortably in your hand when in use and features soft touch buttons for easy control. Controlling your hand blender has never been so easy.

Most importantly... Easy to clean!

The Princess 221215 Hand Blender XL is easy to clean, as all parts easily detach and are dishwasher safe. No more mountains of dishes, just stress free food preparation. The included storage station makes sure you can store everything together and place it in an easy to reach spot on your kitchen counter.