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Princess Portable Hybrid Barbecue Grill, Metal, Black


  • With its 2 in 1 function both electric and charcoal barbecue
  • Heats up quickly
  • Easy to transport and ideal for camping trips
  • A thermostat is inserted in the lid
  • Easy to clean

The Princess 112256 Hybrid Barbecue offers you the possibility to barbecue when, where and how you want. Are you looking for a tasty piece of barbecued meat with a delicious smokey taste? Or a delicious fast meal on the barbecue? You can do both with this hybrid barbecue which is equipped with a detachable electric grill. Take the barbecue when you go fishing and prepare fresh caught fish on charcoal. Enjoy the versatility and ease of this all-rounder. The Princess 112256 Hybrid Barbecue is fit for everyone.

Barbecue where and when you want
The Hybrid Barbecue is provided with a detachable heating element which gives you the possibility to easily choose between an electric or charcoal barbecue. This 2-in-1 function ensures you can use the barbecue everywhere, from the park to the garden. Enjoy a meal in no time when you choose for the electric barbecue, the heating element with 2000 Watt power quickly heats up because of its high power so you can start barbecuing immediately. Do you feel like taking the time and enjoying a traditional barbecue? Take out the heating element and fill the barbecue with charcoal. Enjoy the characteristic, smokey taste of real barbecuing and surprise your friends and family with a delicious meal.

Always perfectly prepare fish, meat and vegetables
The Princess 112256 Hybrid Barbecue is designed so you can achieve the perfect cooking of the food. Control the temperature with the adjustable air flow while barbecuing with charcoal, let in more or less air to control how hard the fire burns. In addition, the lid is equipped with a thermometer. This way you always know the temperature inside and you can achieve the perfect cooking for your food. Also while barbecuing electric. The heating element is provided with an adjustable thermostat so you can adjust the temperature at any time you want.

Easy to clean
The Hybrid Barbecue is completely detachable. Because all parts can easily be cleaned well the barbecue won’t leave any grease marks on your upholstery when you take it with you in the car or camper. The barbecue has a grease tray so you only have to empty the tray after use. No need to scrape grease from the sides.

What is in the box:
Princess Hybrid Barbecue, Heating element, Instruction manual