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Slush Puppie Snow Cone Maker


  • It’s a mini Slush Puppie maker!
  • Officially licensed Slush Puppie merch
  • Makes approx. 1 litre of tongue-tingling slush
  • Option to choose between fine or course slush
  • Includes 4 paper cups and straws
  • Measures approx. 31 cm x 20 cm x 18 cm

Ah Slush Puppie, the best drink to deliver a colourful tongue and a deep freeze running through your sugar-crazed brain. It used to be that you could only experience this kind of joy during trips to the cinema or the seaside. But, thanks to this mini Slush Puppie maker, you can have it at home!

Yep, this is just like a regular Slush Puppie maker… but smaller! It makes about 1 litre of delicious slush and even gives you the option of choosing whether you like it fine or course. Oh, and once you have made your slush, you can drink it out of one of the included cups and straws.

To use it, you simply plug it into your UK mains, add your Slush Puppie syrup to the jug, and add ice to the chamber over the jug. Next, you set your desired ice-shaving level - whether fine or coarse - and pop on the lid, turning it to the on position. This will start the ice-shaving process. One chamber of ice will half-fill the jug, so top it up halfway through if you want to make a full litre of slush.

This machine comes with the main machine, jug, mixing paddle, ice shaving chamber, and lid. So, you’ll just need to provide plenty of ice cubes and some delicious slushie syrup. Oh, and you can plug this machine into standard UK mains.

So, for a seriously cool time (whenever you want), order this mini Slush Puppie machine today!